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Expanded MRT Profiles FAQ


Q: Do I need to replace the MRT draw kits I have in stock, or can I still use them?

A: The MRT draw kits are not changing. Only the MRT requisition form will change. If you have draw kits in stock, please contact cs@nowleap.com or toll free at 888-669-5327 to request replacement MRT requisition forms, but please use the draw kits.


Q: Are the prices of the MRT profiles going to change?

A: Yes. Please contact your Oxford Representative or cs@nowleap.com for an updated Fee Schedule & Credit Card Authorization form.


Q: I sent an email to Oxford requesting my updated MRT requisition form, but have not yet received a reply. How long should I wait before contacting Oxford again regarding my requisition form?

A: Due to the high volume of requests for updated MRT requisition forms, please allow up to 4 business days before sending a second request.


Q: I have a change of address or other changes to be made to my contact information displayed on my MRT requisition form. When should I let Oxford know about these changes?

A: Please inform Oxford of any changes to your address or other contact information as soon as possible via email to cs@nowleap.com.


Q: I have my new MRT requisition form reflecting the new panels already. When should I start using it?

A: Please do not use your updated MRT requisition form until January 31, 2018 or later.


Q: What will happen if I use the current requisition form to order the LEAP 150 after January 31?

A: Due to test panel production limitations, any orders of the LEAP 150, MT-MRT 120, or LEAP 80 panels submitted after January 31, 2018 will be automatically upgraded to the new MRT profiles with appropriate testing fees applied.

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